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AIA Indiana Architectural Competition


One Site, Infinite Solutions

Ideas Competition - Haynie's Corner

The goal of this competition is to explore the intrinsic differences between designers and how they approach creative challenges. We ask designers (students, interns, architects and artists) to collaborate with us to create designs for an urban lot in the downtown of Evansville at the corner of Adams and 2nd street. This lot is known as Haynie's Corner and is historically significant and serves an important anchor of the Art District. We do not own this lot, and we are not seeking legitimate proposals for things to do with it – the site is just a representation of a common design problem in urban areas. Rather, by asking all of the designers to approach precisely the same problem using the same format, we seek to draw a contrast between the designs themselves.

To produce a design for an under-utilized lot in an urban setting.

Be Creative.
Be Original.
Be Unique.

Its up to you what to propose. It could be a house, a business, a tower, a park, an installation piece....

Designers can decide to keep the existing structure and modify it, or demolish the building and start with a blank slate.

1022 SE Second St, Evansville IN
Evansville GIS
Site Map

Register DEADLINE: Monday, December 15, 2013
Submit DEADLINE: Monday, December 15, 2013

Submissions Materials
One 24x36 board use the provided one of the template images provided (with building or without building). Entrants must use the image provided, but they may alter the template image as they see fit. Plans, sections, or diagrams can be overlaid on the image if needed to further explain your design. The background image must be visible, and the size and format must be the same. Leave the white space at the bottom of the image blank.

Display your design ideas on the board in whatever medium you choose: digital, mixed media, hand drawn, ect. Digital entries (PDF format) will be printed and mounted at no charge. Entries on other media should be mounted by the entrant. Submissions should also be accompanied by a title and 100 word description.

Entries using traditional media must be delivered to the following address:

VPS Architecture
528 Main St, Suite 400
Evansville, IN 47708

Please email electronic submissions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If file is larger than 5mb, please email for FTP instructions.

Registration is free. To register, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your name, organization (company, university, etc.) and contact information.


Selected entries will be displayed at the Urban Design Center in the Art District starting in January.

Jury (TBA) will consist of members of the AIA, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana and Department of Metropolitan Development.

1st prize - $ 500
2nd prize - $150
3rd prize - $ 100


1) Q: Please clarify what we need to send you for the final product.
A: You need to send in your image (in PDF or JPEG format), and a text document with a 100 word description of your design (in Word or as text in an email).

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2) Q: Can I send in more than one board?
A: No, please send in only one image board.

3) Q: Do we need to put any identifying marks on the images, or do we get a registration number to place on the image?
A: No, please do not put any identifying marks on your image. When you send in your final image, I will catalog it and keep them organized. Please do include your name in the files that you send though, ie: EricRang.jpg and EricRang.doc.

4) Q: What do we do with the white space at the bottom of the page?
A: Please leave that space blank. I will format all images with your name, location, organization and insert the descriptions so that when displayed they will have a uniform appearance.

5) Q: Can I add the supplemental image with my proposal?
A: You can add additional images , diagrams and plans to the template image. You can superimpose these images as necessary. Do not send an additional board of images.

6) Q : Can I add additional text to the image?
A: Yes, you can add text to describe the diagrams and images. Please do not include the 100- word description on the image however. I will insert that on the white space on the bottom of the page.

7) Q: What if I need more than 100 words to describe the project?
A: It is OK to go a little over, just don't send me a novel.

8) Q: What if I want to expand my proposal to be larger than the project site?
A: This is ideas competition, so you can propose anything you like.

9) Q: My image is larger than 8mb. How can I get this to you?
A: I have set up an FTP to upload the images. Please email me for the password and to let me know that you plan to upload your images to the FTP site.